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Los Angeles/Inland Empire, CA
     Behavior Therapy Clinic
     Behavior Interventionist
     Love 2 Learn Consulting
     Clinical Supervisor
     Spectrum Center Schools
     Assistant Vice President of Autism Services
     Westside Regional Center
     Board Certified Behavior Analyst

San Francisco/Bay Area, CA
     Easter Seals Bay Area
     Clinical Manager
     Ed Support Services
     Clinical Director
     Gateway Learning Group
     Clinical Director
     Pacific Child and Family Associates
     Behavior Analyst
     Spectrum Center Schools
     Senior Behavior Analyst

Bakersfield, CA
     Holdsambeck & Associates
     Clinical Supervisor

Fresno/Visalia, CA
     Autism Center @ Fresno State
     Behavior Analyst

San Diego, CA
     ABA & Verbal Behavior Group
     Behavior Interventionist

San Luis Obispo/Santa Barbara/Ventura, CA
     Holdsambeck & Associates
     Clinical Supervisor

Spectrum Center Schools     (top)

Senior Behavior Analyst


Company Description
Spectrum Center Schools and Programs serve students with a variety of special needs, behavioral challenges and differing abilities. Spectrum programs are designed for students ages five to 22 with a wide array of special needs, including autism, emotional disturbance, physical challenges, behavioral disorders and developmental delays.

Spectrum Center operates state-certified non-public schools as well as several integrated collaborative classrooms on public school campuses that provide special education services to 115 school districts.

Job Description
Provides psychological, clinical and educational support for individual students, responsible for educational/clinical trainings and measuring individual staff performance, and is the chief quality assurance agent of the educational/clinical programs assuring compliance with laws, regulations, and internal standards for educational and behavioral services.

Essential duties and responsibilities Additional duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Provides training and support to Education Coordinators and Teachers in the development of Functional Analysis Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans
  • Provides ongoing monitoring of the quality of student academic and behavioral services
  • Provides support to Education Coordinators in effective teaching practices so that students are able to progress in accordance with the IEP
  • Assesses the school staff development needs, researches, and designs training programs based on those needs
  • Participates in on-going staff development through conferences, trainings, and seminars to maintain and develop core competencies
  • Trains and certifies staff in the implementation of CPI principles while also providing ongoing coaching and support in the use of CPI principles
  • Assists in the hiring, orientation, and training of Education Coordinators
  • Researches and makes recommendations for the use of evidence-based curricula in the classrooms that meet the requirements set forth by the Department of Education
  • Provides input and problem solve challenging student behavioral and academic needs
  • Develops and monitors systems designed to meet the needs of individual students, classrooms, and the site as a whole
  • Develops strategies for fading students from 1:1 staffing ratios to small group staffing ratios
  • Attends and participates in all required meetings including Senior Clinician Meeting, Site Team Meeting, All staff Meetings, etc.
  • Conducts regular quality assurance checks at the individual student, staff, classroom, and site level to make recommendations for improvement
  • Ensures compliance with the Department of Education regulations, Hughes Bill, and ESA/Spectrum Center's internal standards.

Masters degree in Education, Psychology (Behavior Analysis emphasis). Additional preferred skills, abilities, and qualifications include experience training applied behavior analysis including effective teaching strategies, classroom management systems, data-based decision making, and functional analysis/behavior intervention plans in an educational setting.

Spectrum offers a comprehensive benefits package, generous paid time off, and opportunities for growth and development.

Contact Information
Please apply online
Website: spectrumschools.com

Westside Regional Center     (top)

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Culver City

Company Description
Westside Regional Center is a public non-profit organization that contracts with the California Department of Developmental Services to provide services and support for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Job Description
Provides behavior intervention assistance and assessment during placement and follow-up after individuals have moved into a home. Provides technical assistance during resource development and whole person assessments for individuals identified for placement. Provides monthly monitoring of Adult Residential Facilities for Persons with Special Healthcare Needs with Behavior services (ARFPSHNB/853B) and Specialized Adult Residential Homes for individuals who require intensive behavioral services (113). Provides technical assistance and quality assurance monitoring on an on-going basis.


  • Be a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with a varied behavior services background and experience. (e.g., direct intervention; clinic intervention, behavior supports for various service providers, etc.)
  • Have a background working with people with developmental disabilities in developing positive behavior strategies.
  • Utilize superior interpersonal communication and advocacy skills in client meetings.
  • Have strong computer skills, with experience in Microsoft Office and electronic charting.
  • Perform behavior assessment of client needs
  • Work in concert with our clients, their families, WRC case management and clincial staff and service providers to ensure that health, safety and positive behavioral change is met in a quality setting.
  • Have the ability to positively and productively participate in resource development and identification of community resources
  • Participate as an active member of an Interdisciplinary Team for each individual under the Community Placement Plan.
  • Have knowledge of the California Code of Regulations Titles 17 and 22; behavior assessment and intervention; development of behavior plans for direct support; accessing behavior supports through managed care, etc.
  • Play an integral role in increasing the quality of our clients' lives

$24.20 - $30.15

Contact Information
Human Resources
Westside Regional Center
5901 Green Valley Circle, Suite 320
Culver City, CA 90230

Email: jobs@westsiderc.org
Website: westsiderc.org

Spectrum Center Schools     (top)

Assistant Vice President of Autism Services

Los Angeles / Inland Empire

Company Description
Spectrum Center Schools and Programs serve students with a variety of special needs, behavioral challenges and differing abilities. Spectrum programs are designed for students ages five to 22 with a wide array of special needs, including autism, emotional disturbance, physical challenges, behavioral disorders and developmental delays.

Spectrum Center operates state-certified non-public schools as well as several integrated collaborative classrooms on public school campuses that provide special education services to 115 school districts.

Job Description
Spectrum Centers is looking for a dynamic leader to join our growing team, dedicated to serving students in special education. The Assistant Vice President of Autism Services is a key member of the leadership team and provides oversight, training and development in the application of Applied Behavior Analysis. The AVP is responsible for educational/clinical trainings (didactic, coaching, and feedback), quality assurance agent of the educational/clinical programs assuring compliance with laws, regulations, and internal standards for educational and behavioral services. They are also responsible for delivering presentations outside the organization, governmental relations, marketing, and program development.

The AVP of Autism Services provides training and support to our Behavior Analysts, Curriculum and Instruction Specialists, Education Coordinators, and Teachers on evidence-based practices including problem solving challenging student behavioral and academic needs. He/she provides ongoing monitoring of the quality of student academic and behavioral services for Spectrum as a whole. He/she also assesses staff development needs, researches and designs training programs based on those needs for Spectrum.

Other duties include:

  • Assisting in the hiring, orientation, and training of Behavior Analysts
  • Researching and makes recommendations for the use of evidence-based curricula in the classrooms that meet the requirements set forth by the Department of Education
  • Developing and monitoring systems designed to meet the needs of individual students, classrooms, sites, and the Company as a whole
  • Ensuring compliance with the Department of Education regulations and ESA/Spectrum Center's internal standards

Candidates should have a Master's degree in Education, Psychology (Behavior Analysis emphasis preferred), or related field. Additional preferred skills, abilities, and qualifications include experience training applied behavior analysis including effective teaching strategies, classroom management systems, data-based decision making, and functional analysis/behavior intervention plans in an educational setting. It is preferred that candidates are a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. They should possess a comprehensive knowledge of administrative and school operations and functions, and have excellent relationship building skills. They need to possess the ability to manage and motivate staff, using effective interpersonal verbal and written communication skills, effective problem solving, persuasion, and negotiation techniques.


Contact Information
Please apply online
Website: spectrumschools.com

Pacific Child and Family Associates     (top)

Behavior Analyst

San Jose

Company Description
Pacific Child and Family Associates is a nationwide leader in providing treatment to children with a diagnosis of autism and their families. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality services to children with developmental disabilities, particularly those along the autism spectrum.

Job Description

  • Develop new programs and perform ongoing adjustments to current programs as needed.
  • Provide field supervision to Direct Service Providers as required for cases.
  • Conduct Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs).
  • Write progress reports for cases.
  • Write performance evaluations of Direct Service Providers
  • Develop and present periodic agency trainings for staff.
  • May be responsible for interviewing and hiring of prospective staff.
  • Conduct direct services to clients as needed.
  • Available promptly to parents, senior therapist and staff by phone when there is an emergency or urgent need.
  • Attend clinical meetings as necessary.
  • Communicate with funding sources regarding client progress, reports, meetings, authorizations, etc.


  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification
  • Is experienced with running ABA programs
  • Has excellent communication and problem solving skills
  • Is motivated to lead by example, supervise and train Direct Service Providers
  • Has a valid driver's license and a reliable form of insured transportation (driving is required with mileage reimbursement included.)


  • Competitive Salary
  • Leadership Training and CEUs
  • National growth opportunities and career advancement
  • Medical, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance
  • Paid Time Off (holidays, vacation and sick days)
  • Company 401(k) Plan
  • Company laptop with cell phone and mileage reimbursements
  • Company sponsored events and networking opportunities

Contact Information
Interested applicants please forward resume with salary history to ajemison@pacificchild.com
Website: pacificchild.com

Autism Center @ Fresno State     (top)

Behavior Analyst


Company Description
The Autism Center @ Fresno State provides a Behavior Analyst with cutting edge opportunities to apply, conduct research and develop staff on the principles of behavior analysis, Verbal Behavior Development Theory, Relational Frame Theory, and Organizational Behavior Management. The Behavior Analyst is responsible for the language and behavior development of a diverse set of children with autism, while training staff and students of the Applied Behavior Analysis undergraduate and graduate program at Fresno State. The Behavior Analyst will ensure the highest quality of intervention and staff development in compliance with the organization's policies, and the BACB professional standards. The Autism Center @ Fresno State seeks to be a leader in the community through research, training, and clinical services, and the Behavior Analysts within its organization are the pillars.

Job Description
Under the direction of the Executive Director, the Behavior Analyst is responsible for the following:

  • Management of the Client Program:
    • Assessing incoming clients and establishing a program which comprehensively addresses the client's deficits across a variety of behavioral repertoires
    • Assessing clients according to the Verbal Behavior Development Assessment and implementing protocols as published according to Verbal Behavior Development Theory
    • Monitoring clients' progress across instructional and reduction programs making accurate decisions utilizing our decision protocol
    • Directly supervising program implementation, ensuring program fidelity, providing in-situ assessment to our staff, utilizing the Teacher Performance Rate and Accuracy Scale
    • Providing ongoing assessment maintaining that client programs continue to address deficits
    • In efforts to maximize intervention outcomes, the Behavior Analyst will develop with the Executive Director and Behavior Analyst Team, and implement a series of training modules for parents
    • Conducting Functional Behavioral Assessments as necessary
    • Conducting research to address deficits which are common amongst a minimum of three clients in the center
  • Client Reporting and Authorization Compliance:
    • Reporting client progress to our various funding sources, on a scheduled outlined by the funding source, by assessing, outlining client progress, rate of acquisition, and current deficits
    • Scheduling client hours as authorized by our various funding sources
  • Staff Development:
    • Assisting the Executive Director and the Behavior Analyst Team developing a series of training modules that address staff development across their behaviors with students, knowledge of the science, and decision making
    • Through the use of the Teacher Performance Rate and Accuracy in-situ assessment, the Behavior Analyst, is responsible for developing program implementation by staff
    • Through bi-weekly goal setting, the Behavior Analyst will establish expectations for each staff's completion of specific sections in our training modules
    • Monitoring weekly program books checks, assessing and taking data on staff decision making, and program implementation
    • Monitor and provide supervision as outlined by the Behavior Analysts Certification Board, for staff through the Registered Behavior Technician, Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst, and Board Certified Behavior Analysts Task lists
  • Scheduling:
    • Scheduling client hours, ensuring that we are maximizing our contract potential with each client
    • Work with the staff's availability to schedule staff accounting for all client hours in compliance with university policies
    • Schedule at minimum two hours a month to work with each client
  • Professional Development:
    • Work with the Executive Director to set forth a plan for their professional development across staff training goals, research they will conduct at the Autism Center, becoming proficient in Verbal Behavior Development Theory, reviewing research in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, and miscellaneous areas as agreed upon
    • Work through a series of Institute training modules which will specify criteria for advancement


  • Required:
    • Master's Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis
    • Board Certified Behavior Analyst certificate
    • Minimum of three years of clinical experience, including scheduling, reporting, and assessing
    • Demonstrated ability to speak with persons of various social, cultural, economic and educational backgrounds
    • Demonstrated ability to assess individuals with autism and develop a comprehensive program based on the individual's need
    • Demonstrated ability to clearly write and speech effectively to an audience appropriately
    • Demonstrated ability to clearly and objectively write and speak using behavior analytic language
    • Demonstrated ability to resolve crisis situations under pressure
    • Demonstrated strength in interpersonal skills with the ability to work as a member of a team
    • Proficient in the understanding of Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act (HIPAA)
  • Preferred:
    • Doctorate degree in Applied Behavior Analysis or related field
    • More than two years of supervisory experience, training staff through the BCBA or BCaBA task list
    • Experience working as a BCBA in or with school districts
    • Proficiency in the application of Verbal Behavior Development Theory, and or Relational Frame Theory to children with autism
    • Proficient in Research Design, and Implementation
    • Experience using a client scheduling and billing database (Ex. CodeMetro's NPAWorks)
    • Fluent in speaking in Spanish and English

$4,166.67 - $5,583.33/month. Salary will be commensurate and competitive with experience and qualifications. Benefits include health, dental, vision and life insurance, 401(K), vacation, sick leave and holiday pay.

Contact Information
Visit the Human Resources page and scroll down to locate and print a job application.

Please submit application, resume and cover letter to:

California State University, Fresno
Auxiliary Human Resources
2771 E Shaw Avenue
Fresno, CA 93710
Fax: (559) 278-0988

Application & resume may be emailed to hraux@listserv.csufresno.edu
Website: fresnostate.edu/csm/bsi/autism-center

Love 2 Learn Consulting     (top)

Clinical Supervisor

Orange County

Company Description
Love 2 Learn Consulting is dedicated to providing effective and reliable ABA treatment for individuals with autism, developmental disabilities, and related language delays. Specializing in verbal behavior within the science of behavior analysis, we maximize motivational opportunities, errorless teaching, and natural environment instruction to ensure success. Love 2 Learn currently serves clients throughout Orange County in the home and clinic setting between 8:00am-7:00pm Monday-Friday.

Job Description
The Company is seeking a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who has experience supervising, motivating, and training staff. The qualified applicant will be a "hands on" trainer who easily jumps in and models teaching procedures for staff. This BCBA will be superb at supporting staff to realize their potential. In addition, this applicant will have first rate skills in the following domains: communication, organization, report writing, interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution, and time management.


  • M.A. or Ph.D. level BCBA
  • Experience conducting FBAs
  • Knowledge of verbal behavior and VB-MAPP
  • At least 1 year leadership/management experience supervising employees directly
  • Strong written skills in order to communicate effectively and review clinical reports
  • Strong organizational skills in order to keep work flow in order while maintaining effectiveness and efficiency
  • Strong rapport building skills that allows pleasant interactions with management, subordinates, parents, and funding sources. It is critical that this individual secures and enhances client and staff relationships.


  • Competitive compensation based on experience
  • Potential for career advancement
  • Access to a team of highly experienced ABA/Autism professionals
  • Initial and continuous training and mentorship
  • Use of company laptops
  • Remote access to our curriculum and online training programs
  • Use of company mobile phone
  • 401k retirement plan after 1 year of employment
  • Medical and dental insurance for full-time employees
  • Paid personal time off (PTO) for full-time employees
  • Paid professional liability insurance
  • Paid drive time
  • Paid mileage
  • Opportunity to be part of a culture that is committed to being "the best of the best"
  • Opportunities to participate in research projects and present at conferences
  • Opportunities to collaborate with a multi-interdisciplinary team (OT, SLP, PT)
  • Scheduling department to handle all scheduling needs
  • Administrative support team to help set you up for success in the field
  • Love 2 Learn gear to add the extra touch of professionalism

Contact Information
If you feel that you have the passion and determination to make a difference in the lives of children and you meet the requirements above, we encourage you to apply! Please provide a cover letter and resume for our review to Kaitlyn@love2learnconsulting.com. We look forward to speaking with you!

Website: l2lconsulting.com

Gateway Learning Group     (top)

Clinical Director

Oakland, Hayward, San Francisco, San Jose

Company Description
Gateway provides evidence-based, behavior interventions to children with autism and related disorders. We design and implement individualized treatment plans based on the unique strengths and needs of our clients. Our ABA therapy services are provided in the San Francisco Bay area.

Job Description
Gateway Learning Group is seeking dynamic Behavior Analysts to oversee home and school-based ABA programs.

Responsibilities for this position include:

  • Conduct assessments including Functional Analysis Assessments
  • Design treatment plans; observe and report on client progress
  • Direct client programs and manage staff implementation of services
  • Supervise Gateway Behavior Technicians and Program Supervisors
  • Design and deliver trainings to parents and staff

BCBA Certification required. MA in Special Ed, Psychology or related field required.


  • 70-85K
  • Medical, dental, life, vision insurance
  • 401K
  • Cell phone and mileage reimbursement
  • Annual stipend for professional development

Contact Information
If interested, please submit your resume to brittany@gatewaylg.com
Website: gatewaylg.com

Easter Seals Bay Area     (top)

Clinical Manager


Company Description
Since 1927, Easter Seals Bay Area (ESBA) has been leading the way to ensure individuals and families affected by disabilities can live, learn, work and play to their full potential. ESBA provides services to children with developmental disabilities and special needs, and has a specific expertise in serving children who have been diagnosed with autism. Services include consultation, early intervention, school-based, social skills, and therapeutic services. The organization runs the highly-regarded Kaleidoscope After-School / Summer Program in the Tri-Valley for youth ages 5 to 22 with disabilities and developmental delays.

ESBA serves 24 counties in Northern California (all 9 Bay Area counties and 15 northern California counties), and is an affiliate of Easter Seals Inc., which assists more than a million people through a nationwide network of affiliates in the United States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. ESBA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

ESBA is especially focused on individuals and families in the Bay Area affected by autism. The following are the key services the organization provides to children with disabilities and their loved ones:

  • Early Childhood Services
  • Comprehensive Autism Services
  • School-Age Services

ESBA is currently experiencing unprecedented growth as a result of legislation that passed on July 1, 2012, mandating that private insurance companies provide services to individuals with an ASD diagnosis. In partnership with Kaiser Permanente, ESBA is now providing behavioral health services to over 1200 new families and speech and occupational therapy services to 800 individuals. This growth is expected to continue into 2014.

Job Description
Provides specialized behavioral intervention services and program supervision for children with autism spectrum disorders, ages 14 months and older. Responsible for the creation and implementation of specialized behavioral services for each client, in addition to the management of Program Supervisors and their direct reports. Directly supervises a group of Program Supervisors.

  • Clinical Responsibilities:
    • Supervises individualized programs for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, ages 14 months and older, in natural settings - primarily in-home, but additionally out in the community, in the schools, and within other peer-group social contexts.
    • Provides clinical supervision and work direction to treatment teams to include skills enhancement, clinical consultation, and professional development.
    • Conducts initial assessment of clients diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and produces assessment report to include a recommendation for treatment and supervision hours.
    • Assures clients receive interventions to meet the full extent of the services authorized; adjusts staffing of treatment team as appropriate to meet the needs of the client.
    • Coaches clinical teams on the procedural implementation of treatment plans via team meetings, and live/in situ supervision.
    • Reviews data and reports submitted by direct care team, and recommends changes to the program, procedures, and data collection methods to assure programs reflect each child's development and progress towards identified goals.
    • Observe and assess client skills and progress to inform recommendations for ongoing intervention and behavioral programming.
    • Create and lead implementation of Behavior Support Plans as appropriate.
    • Collaborate with additional service providers on the client's support team to ensure comprehensive service delivery.
    • Address program delivery with families; including parent coaching, challenges with teaching, parent participation, and work environment as necessary.
    • Review progress reports and treatments plans, ensuring that they meet the requirements of regulatory agencies and funding sources and are clinically accurate and appropriate.
    • Attend and support the Program Supervisor in progress and treatment plan review meetings with families.
  • Administrative Responsibilities:
    • Responsible for meeting productivity requirements set forth in annual budget and for providing efficient and effective service in all areas of performance.
    • Maintain accurate documentation of billable tasks that meets the requirements of regulatory agencies and funding sources, and is HIPAA compliant.
    • Track direct and indirect client sessions to ensure that services are provided to the full extent of the authorization for each client.
    • Participate in recruitment, interviewing, selection, and onboarding of clinical staff.
    • Coordinate documentation to ensure reauthorization and continuation of services when necessary.
  • Supervisory Responsibilities:
    • Support staff in meeting productivity requirements set forth in annual budget and for providing efficient and effective service in all areas of performance.
    • Provide regular performance feedback to Program Supervisors supervised related to their strengths and areas for improvement, work with Behavioral Interventionists to set goals for professional development.
    • Manage the performance of direct reports through identifying areas for improvement, create and implement performance management plans when appropriate in collaboration with the Senior Clinical Manager and HR.
    • Support Program Supervisors in development, implementation, and oversight of performance management plans for Behavioral Interventionists.
    • Monitor staff performance throughout the onboarding process, and refer staff to the Training Department when appropriate for additional support.
    • Lead POD meetings and ensure ESBA policy and procedure is communicated to and understood by clinical teams supervised.


  • Minimum Education or Training Equivalent to:
    • Master's degree, PsyD, or PhD from an accredited college or university in one of the following disciplines is required: applied behavior analysis, early childhood education/development, early childhood special education, special education, pediatric therapy, psychology or related field.
    • Board Certified Behavior Analyst (preferred); Licensed Clinical Psychologist, MFT, MSW, SLP, OT, PT with current licensure in good standing with regulatory board and strong background in behavioral programs.
  • Minimum Years of Additional Related Experience:
    • Three years of related professional experience working with children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and/or other related developmental disabilities in a multi-disciplinary team setting.
    • Two or more years' experience providing staff direction and development in a supervisory role.
  • Special Qualifications (Skills, Abilities, Licenses):
    • Knowledgeable of methodologies found to benefit children diagnosed with ASD, including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication-Handicapped Children (TEACCH), Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), and Pivotal Response Training (PRT).
    • Familiar with the field of early intervention, and knowledgeable of other community resources and agencies that serve children.
    • Sensitive to working with an ethnically, linguistically, culturally, and economically diverse population.
    • Able to communicate effectively verbally and in writing; American Sign Language or bilingual ability preferred.
    • Able to consistently demonstrate good judgment and decision-making skills.
    • Able to exercise confidentiality and discretion pertaining to the work environment.
    • Able to appropriately interpret and implement policies, procedures, and regulations.
    • Knowledgeable and skilled in computer/word processing software.
    • Able to obtain criminal record clearance through Department of Justice.
    • Able to obtain CPR certificate.
    • Able to travel to multiple work sites; reliable transportation needed (proof of valid driver license, current auto insurance identification card, and acceptable driving record per NIAC standards is required).
  • Physical Requirements (Approx. % per 7.5-hr Workday):
    • Frequent bending, reaching, squatting, kneeling, twisting in order to observe, assess, and interact with infants/toddlers (50%).
    • Frequent speaking and listening (50%) to clients, staff, and other professionals in meetings and on the phone.
    • Occasional walking to, bending to enter, sitting, and using upper and lower limbs to drive car to and from home visits and meetings (20%).
    • Occasional sitting and maintaining close visual attention to write reports and work at the computer (15%).
    • Occasional lifting, carrying, and loading/unloading toys and materials used in home visits (10%).

Contact Information
For immediate consideration please apply online.

Holdsambeck & Associates     (top)

Clinical Supervisor


Company Description
Join our team of professionals, bound by our enthusiasm for delivering effective Applied Behavior Analytic intervention to individuals with a variety of developmental and intellectual disabilities across a diverse age range in home, school, and community settings.

Job Description

  • Work part-time up to 30+ hours per week
  • Conduct functional behavior assessments for children, adolescents, and adults
  • Provide consultation for people served, their families, and behavior interventionist using behavior analytic interventions
  • Deliver individualized parent training services
  • Collect and analyze ongoing data collection and write reports for various funding agencies
  • Train and guide new and current staff in their development and practice of the principles of applied behavior analysis to ensure treatment integrity

We are seeking charismatic dedicated individuals with BCBAs, desiring a rewarding work environment, with opportunities for professional growth.

  • Two years minimum experience is required, working with children and/or adults with developmental disabilities.
  • Are you fluent in speaking and writing in English and Spanish? Bilingual English-Spanish speaking and writing ability is highly desirable!
  • Please have a valid driver's license, own reliable transportation, and have proof of auto insurance.
  • You will be asked to provide proof of TB clearance and pass the Department of Justice background check and drug testing.


  • Competitive compensation based on experience and education
  • Flexible schedule
  • Compensation for travel time between people served
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • 401K with matching up to 3% after conditional review period
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Annual CEU support available
  • Additional benefits may apply

Contact Information
For consideration for a position, please visit our website at holdsambeck.com/careers and fill out an application. Applications and resumes may be faxed to (805) 222-3041. Please call with any questions: (805) 979-9941.

Ed Support Services     (top)

Clinical Director


Company Description
Founded in 2006, Ed Support Services' mission is to utilize educational and behavioral best practices to support and educate our clients, staff and community in order to create and sustain access to a better quality of life in the least restrictive environment. We do this by providing clinical services that are grounded in applied behavior analysis (ABA), a discipline devoted to the understanding and improvement of human behavior of social significance. The implementation of best practices in applied behavior analysis results in individuals who are equipped to achieve to their fullest potential to lead lives of self-sufficiency and independence. We strive to provide behavior analytic services in a caring manner that stimulates, engages, and motivates our clients to embrace learning by using the least intrusive methods to address their individual needs.

Job Description
We are hiring part-time hourly and full-time salaried Clinical Directors with their BCBA to help us with our work in the Fremont area.

  • Conducting behavioral assessments, functional assessments, and functional analyses
  • Developing behavior support and intervention plans
  • Providing school-based training, behavior consultation
  • Conducting group parent training

Candidates MUST have a Master's Degree (in a relevant field), possess their BCBA, and:

  • Must have knowledge of Natural Environment and Discrete Trial teaching, direct observation data collection methodology
  • Be an excellent communicator/listener, available to work evenings, have reliable transportation, willing to drive to locations within the Bay Area, willing to work as a team, and be highly organized
  • Have a genuine desire to learn, teach, collaborate, and above all have a good time!
  • Want to be a part of a team with a common goal to make a difference
  • Flexible to the pace and demands of a growing business
  • Are excited to be in a position that provides direct feedback and strives for the highest quality of services
  • Value and nurture an environment that exudes professionalism and a team attitude

Ed Supports is looking for creative, dedicated people to join our growing team of behavior analysts!

We have both full time salaried and part time independent contractor positions available.

Contact Information
Email resume to don.franks@edsupports.com
Website: edsupports.com

ABA & Verbal Behavior Group     (top)

Behavior Interventionist

San Diego, CA

Company Description
ABA and Verbal Behavior Group is a progressive and contemporary agency founded and directed by professionals who are passionate about behavior analysis and committed to providing quality services to the autism community. Our language acquisition programs are based on Skinner's analysis of verbal behavior and are designed using the VB-MAPP. We exclusively use applied behavior analysis and evidence-based strategies. At the same time, our approach to sessions is both fun and motivating. We offer training in verbal behavior and we fully support the professional development of our employees in all aspects of their performance. We have a team spirit based on our common approach and have a mutually supportive and positive environment.

Job Description
Full-time behavior interventionist with experience working with young children with autism in an intensive intervention format. Position consists of implementing applied behavior analysis techniques including verbal behavior programming, primarily conducted in homes of families who have young children with autism. Job responsibilities include conducting skill acquisition programs, implementing behavior plans, collecting data, attending team meetings, and promoting skill generalization. High visibility and recognition for talented and skilled individuals with excellent opportunities for growth. Supervision for BCaBA or BCBA available.

B.A./B.S. with ABA/intensive intervention experience. BCaBA and/or experience in verbal behavior highly desirable. Prefer understanding and coursework in behavior analysis and evidence-based practices.

Hourly wages of $18-25/hr depending on experience. Insurance benefits and accrued vacation and sick time. Professional development opportunities. Compensation for travel time.

Contact Information
Submit cover letter and resume to drlynnwilson@cox.net
Website: abavbgroup.com

Behavior Therapy Clinic     (top)

Behavior Interventionist

San Fernando Valley, West Los Angeles, South Los Angeles

Company Description
Behavior Therapy Clinic (BTC) is a private agency that serves children of all ages with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Pervasive Developmental Disabilities. Applying the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), we've developed individualized treatment programs for the home, school, and community settings. We hold a Nonpublic Agency Certification from the California Department of Education as well as a vendor contract with the Califomia Regional Centers. We have worked collaboratively with both public schools, including the Los Angeles Unified School District and Culver City Unified School District, and numerous private and parochial schools.

Job Description
Behavior Therapy Clinic is looking for Behavior Interventionists to work with children with autism. Under the supervision of a BCBA, our interventionists assist in the application of behavioral programs that are based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and specifically designed for each particular child. Working with the children in their home or school, the interventionist must integrate knowledge and capability to help them learn play skills, social skills, language skills, attention skills, and self-help skills. The interventionist must record daily progress in notes and data collection forms. He or she must also attend monthly clinical meetings and regular communication with supervisors and office staff is vital. We provide supervision and mandatory training.


  • BCaBA preferred, but not required
  • Applicant must be a punctual, responsible, dedicated individual who is friendly, motivated, and a high level of patience.
  • Required: Minimum of 1 year Applied Behavior Analysis experience working with children with autism or other developmentally delaying disorders.
  • Required: BA/BS in Psychology, Education, Special Education, Child Development, Social Work, SLP, Communications, or similar fields.
  • Preferred: BCaBA certification or 12 smemster units in applied behavior analysis (ABA)
  • Live Scan Fingerprint Clearance (Criminal Background Check)
  • Must have reliable transportation and valid drivers license


  • Starting salaries range from $14-$22 an hour depending on experience and education
  • Reimbursement for mileage and drive time
  • Continuous, practical, hands-on training and supervision provided
  • BCBA student/intern supervision provided
  • Health/dental insurance (for employees working 20+ hours/wk)
  • Staff qualifies for fully vested participation in profit sharing plan after 2 yrs of employment
  • Performance based incentives

Contact Information
Please submit your resume to employment@behaviortherapyclinic.com.
Website: behaviortherapyclinic.com