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Update Feb. 27: All seven sessions under review for MCEP CEUs have been approved.

Update Jan. 23: More than 65 general sessions and workshops have been approved for BACB CEUs, and a number of sessions have been approved for BBS and SLPAB CEUs. There are seven sessions currently under review for MCEP CEUs - we may not know until our conference if these sessions are approved for MCEP - for a list of these sessions go to the program search form and select "MCEP" for "CEUs."

We have added a new CE category: BACB_EPB - sessions labeled with this category count toward fulfilling the BACB's Ethics and Professional Behavior requirement. For a list of these sessions go to the program search form and select "BACB_EPB" for "CEUs."

Pre-register for CEUs and you will receive CEU sheets barcoded with your CalABA ID# (e.g., 2032) at the top of each sheet. These will be in your conference packet along w/ your nametag when you check in.

The CEU sheets will list all CEU sessions. Go to any session listed (tickets required for Sat. workshops) and just pass your barcode under the automatic scanner as you enter (check-in) and leave (check-out) each session. The sheets will have a rating scale and comments box for each session, then just turn them in at the front desk when you are done with the conference.

CalABA is accredited as a provider of continuing education by the following organizations:

  • Behavior Analyst Certification Board (for BACB Type 2 continuing education)
  • CA Board of Psychology Mandatory Continuing Education Program for Psychologists (MCEP)
  • CA Board of Behavioral Sciences
  • CA Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Board
  • Important note on continuing education: Each of the above organizations has specific criteria regarding events and instructors that can be offered for CE. If a prospective presenter at the CalABA conference wishes to have her/his address, panel discussion, symposium, or workshop considered for CE (posters are not eligible), s/he must indicate that when the presentation is submitted, and submit additional materials, such as the vitae of the proposed CE instructor. The CalABA Professional Standards Committee then reviews each of those submissions and determines if the event and instructor meet the CE criteria of the relevant organizations. In short, not all presentations in this conference program could be offered for CE. If a presentation is not offered for CE, it is either because the submitting author did not request CE review or did not submit the necessary materials, or because the event and/or instructor did not meet CE requirements.

    The CalABA Professional Standards Committee is responsible for managing CalABA's continuing education program. We are committed to providing a number of quality continuing education opportunities at the 2012 conference for Board Certified Behavior Analysts® and Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts®, as well as California licensed psychologists, marriage and family therapists, licensed clinical social workers, and certified speech-language pathologists and audiologists.